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Tonight’s dinner: nachos with home made salsa

20121105-174856.jpgIt’s been really difficult to update the blog lately. Way too much work, no time to sit down and write. Such is life… But tonight’s different and we’re having nachos with home made salsa and sour cream.

There’s not much to share, really. You need some really good tortilla chips – I like the organic (i.e, expensive…) ones from the organic aisle in Superstore. You’ll also need Mozzarella cheese – I buy the cheap, no name bar from Superstore. You’ll need sour cream, and the ingredients for the salsa: tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado, green onion, salt, pepper, fresh or dried cilantro, lemon.

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Zucchini and Sweet Corn With Black Cod


Black cod fillet with zucchini and sweet corn.

This dish is not only tasty and easy to prepare, but also very colorful! I was looking for a good recipe for black cod fillets when I stumbled across Use real butter’s blog post – scroll down for the full recipe.  Here’s what you need for the zucchini and sweet corn side dish.

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Ravioli with veggies


My colorful dinner.

I am not a big fan of pasta for a variety of reasons, but I ran out of ideas for a quick dinner and grabbed a pack of Ziggy’s spinach and cheese ravioli from Superstore (around 230 calories per serving). The outcome? Ravioli with veggies!
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