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Lunch at Boxwood – perfect downtown patio!


Boxwood menu, April 2012

Boxwood – advertised as a rotisserie cafe (don’t know why, it’s quite different from what I understand by rotisserie: you know, those places where they have dozens of chickens roasting behind a big window case) – is located in Central Memorial Park (340 13 Avenue SW). Perfect location. Walking distance to 17th avenue, overlooking the park (and the hospital, true, but hey, it’s a nice, modern building!) and close to the public library. Stuff yourself, then go for a walk or hang around in the park!

Did I mention it has a great patio?

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Extreme Bean Eatery – Coffee & tea in Calgary

Extreme Bean Eatery

One of my favorite things to complain about is the lack of proper food and beverage options in Calgary’s (few urban) parks. Yes, there’s River Cafe and the ice cream truck in Prince’s Island, but the first one is expensive and I’m not an ice cream person (ridiculous, I know, but I can’t help it). On a perfect spring day, we were strolling down Bow River Pathway and came across Extreme Bean Eatery: inconspicuous building, with what could be a perfect patio (3303 3 Avenue NW).

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