Quinoa soufflé


Quinoa gratin with chicken – my lunch.


I am trying to warm up to quinoa (with little success, so far). I got this recipe from the President’s Choice mobile app and used a bit less cheese than recommended. The recipe is fairly simple, and since the link is above, I won’t summarize it here. Suffice it to say you need quinoa, leeks, bell peppers, eggs and some cheese.

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After months and months of trying to make it to Smashburger, we finally had lunch over there last week. Disclosure statement: I don’t like burgers. I know the picture this paints, but here you go, I live in Calgary and burgers are not my type of food.


Smashburger logo

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Coffee & Tea in Calgary


Coffee and dessert at Phil and Sebastian

For me, a coffee/ tea house should be a small meeting place. A place where you sit and sip coffee/ tea for the socializing aspect of it: you watch people coming and going, the music plays in the background, the place is almost-full and the nice murmur of people chatting warms you up. I’m quite picky about such places, so my taste may not be your taste. But here are some nice places I like to go to in Calgary:

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Easiest asparagus in the oven


Baked asparagus

This is a quick and easy to prepare side dish, where you bake the asparagus in the oven (rather than steam it, as in this recipe).  The trick is to use garlic and to let the asparagus bake until it’s a bit crunchy (when it darkens and looks wrinkled, it’s ready!).

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La Boulangerie – Bakery Cafe


Pastries and coffee, La Boulangerie on 4th Street.


I have meant to try La Boulangerie for a long, long time! So when our friends suggested it for brunch, I was very excited! This is the type of cafe we should have every other block, including those dreadful suburbs. Then I’d finally be happy with Calgary (though I can’t promise I’d stop complaining about it!).

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Start your weekend with a freshly squeezed orange juice!




Next to waking up late, the reason I love weekends is freshly squeezed orange juice! On Friday evening, we make sure we have a bag of oranges in the fridge. Come Saturday morning, I wash 8 oranges, cut them in half and then squeeze the juice out of them! I have the cheapest juice squeezer I could find on the market. It’s easy, it’s delicious and I can’t get it why restaurants and pubs in Calgary don’t put this on the menu!

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Have you tried Double Zero Pizza yet?

Update: January 2013. We went back to Double Zero Pizza two years after we first tried it. Again, I loved the place but was not impressed with the pizza.
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Dinner at Social Restolounge

First of all, there are no pictures for this post. It was too dark inside and the phone couldn’t snap a proper photo. Second of all, this place is in the middle of nowhere (i.e., Aspen Woods), so unless you live in that neighborhood, don’t bother. The food was fine, though we did have to wait for around 45 minutes for it to arrive. Continue reading


Shawarma at Babylon Qithara


Babylon qithara

My favorite shawarma is way down in the SE; when we don’t feel like driving all the way to Dessert Pita, Babylon Qithara is our next choice. This little mediterranean foods place is located right next to the Sundridge Cineplex (#311, 2555-32 St. NE). It’s clean, with plenty of room to sit and they’ve done a decent job decorating it. If you are not a fan of shawarma, donair or kebab, you can still find something to enjoy – falafel, fried eggplant, chicken, soup. Since we’re trying to be careful when eating out, we ask for humus-only chicken shawarma (no other sauces). The regular shawarma is $6.99 and the large one is $8.99. With a pop, lunch costs us $20 with GST and tip.

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Tonight’s dinner: nachos with home made salsa

20121105-174856.jpgIt’s been really difficult to update the blog lately. Way too much work, no time to sit down and write. Such is life… But tonight’s different and we’re having nachos with home made salsa and sour cream.

There’s not much to share, really. You need some really good tortilla chips – I like the organic (i.e, expensive…) ones from the organic aisle in Superstore. You’ll also need Mozzarella cheese – I buy the cheap, no name bar from Superstore. You’ll need sour cream, and the ingredients for the salsa: tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado, green onion, salt, pepper, fresh or dried cilantro, lemon.

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