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Potatoes, carrots and eggs

Whenever I have an upset stomach, I make this dish. It’s easy to make, as all ingredients are boiled and then tossed together.

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Sushi at Sumo, Eau Claire mall

Synopsis: sushi was good, but I had good sushi in nicer restaurants. We went to Sumo in Eau Claire Mall (200-136 Barclay Parade SW) because of a Groupon I bought some time ago. For some obscure reason, I thought this restaurant was spacious and modern inside. I do not know why I would entertain such thoughts given the location (the Eau Claire mall needs a serious revamp).


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Ox and Angela for dinner

On his birthday, I took my husband out for dinner at Ox and Angela. If you go there, do yourself a favour and get the ‘spanish table’ meal. You won’t regret it (and you won’t have to look like a fool not knowing what you have ordered, since most of the items on the menus are tapas). Unfortunately, I do not have pictures to back it up – the food was great, the ambiance was perfect, and we were having a great time, so there was really no time to think about taking pictures.
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Dinner at Wurst

We tried Wurst (2437 4th Street SW) for dinner a few evenings ago. We had been there for brunch, but somehow the idea of ‘wurst’ is not the most appealing to me. Granted, given the name of the restaurant, one would be entitled to expect a wide range of sausages on the menu. If that’s what you’re after, then the restaurant will disappoint.

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Lunch at 80th & Ivy

A few weeks ago, we gave 80th & Ivy a try for lunch. I had been waiting for an opportunity to try this place ever since it opened up (1127 17 Ave SW, Calgary): it looked good, great patio for people watching and I really liked the big windows. I did not know there’s a ‘back’ that looks more like a bistro than a pub – lots of natural light, simple and clean decorum, view of the kitchen and lots of plants.


Restaurant view.

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After months and months of trying to make it to Smashburger, we finally had lunch over there last week. Disclosure statement: I don’t like burgers. I know the picture this paints, but here you go, I live in Calgary and burgers are not my type of food.


Smashburger logo

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Coffee & Tea in Calgary


Coffee and dessert at Phil and Sebastian

For me, a coffee/ tea house should be a small meeting place. A place where you sit and sip coffee/ tea for the socializing aspect of it: you watch people coming and going, the music plays in the background, the place is almost-full and the nice murmur of people chatting warms you up. I’m quite picky about such places, so my taste may not be your taste. But here are some nice places I like to go to in Calgary:

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La Boulangerie – Bakery Cafe


Pastries and coffee, La Boulangerie on 4th Street.


I have meant to try La Boulangerie for a long, long time! So when our friends suggested it for brunch, I was very excited! This is the type of cafe we should have every other block, including those dreadful suburbs. Then I’d finally be happy with Calgary (though I can’t promise I’d stop complaining about it!).

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Start your weekend with a freshly squeezed orange juice!




Next to waking up late, the reason I love weekends is freshly squeezed orange juice! On Friday evening, we make sure we have a bag of oranges in the fridge. Come Saturday morning, I wash 8 oranges, cut them in half and then squeeze the juice out of them! I have the cheapest juice squeezer I could find on the market. It’s easy, it’s delicious and I can’t get it why restaurants and pubs in Calgary don’t put this on the menu!

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Have you tried Double Zero Pizza yet?

Update: January 2013. We went back to Double Zero Pizza two years after we first tried it. Again, I loved the place but was not impressed with the pizza.
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