Sushi at Sumo, Eau Claire mall

Synopsis: sushi was good, but I had good sushi in nicer restaurants. We went to Sumo in Eau Claire Mall (200-136 Barclay Parade SW) because of a Groupon I bought some time ago. For some obscure reason, I thought this restaurant was spacious and modern inside. I do not know why I would entertain such thoughts given the location (the Eau Claire mall needs a serious revamp).


The Groupon said we should make a reservation, which we did. But upon arrival, it became quite clear that there really was no need for one, as they only had a few customers. The restaurant was rather small, with only a few tables inside. The many waitresses were busy chatting, so they told us to sit wherever we wanted – and then made us wait for an eternity before they remembered we were there.

We chose three big rolls – black dragon ($16.50), salmon mango ($13.50) and saba ($13) (see picture above). The sushi was good, no complaints there. But half way through our meal, a vicious smell of fish tanks came from behind the kitchen. That in itself was enough to make me want to get out of there as soon as possible. Which did not happen fast enough, because the waitress had forgotten about us. Again.

With some green tea, the bill came to $50 before tip. There are plenty of other nicer sushi places in town, so I’m not going back to Sumo.

Sumo Lounge on Urbanspoon

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