Ox and Angela for dinner

On his birthday, I took my husband out for dinner at Ox and Angela. If you go there, do yourself a favour and get the ‘spanish table’ meal. You won’t regret it (and you won’t have to look like a fool not knowing what you have ordered, since most of the items on the menus are tapas). Unfortunately, I do not have pictures to back it up – the food was great, the ambiance was perfect, and we were having a great time, so there was really no time to think about taking pictures.

Now, a few words about the spanish table ($45/person): what you’ll get is various rounds of tapas. If you have not had tapas before, then this is what you should know: they are small bites. Really small. The type of food you eat in one (maximum two, if you are into savouring your food) bite. Now, I know this may sound problematic to some. Stay open-minded and remember that a good meal is one where you enjoyed the food without stuffing yourself – there should always be room for a few more bites.

In my case, I can say we really, really needed a walk down 17th avenue after dinner. The first two things that arrived were some deviled eggs topped with small slices of marinated fish (herring?). Two potato fritters arrived soon after, along with some cured ham (jamon serrano, very thin slices of cured ham, drizzled with lemon juice) and two tomato bread slices (bruschetta).

For the main dish, we got a selection of small-size meats (chicken, ribsteak and some fish), delicious vegetables (asparagus and potatoes) and an amazing zucchini salad (never had it before, I’m a fan!).

By the time we were done with all the tapas (and it did take us around an hour, with the waiters busily bringing and taking away new plates), I thought I had some room for a small desert, so I tried a tart with almonds, while my husband enjoyed a cappuccino. With a glass of wine, the bill came to $117, before tip. We will most certainly be back!

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