Sandwiches for dinner

I dread dinners. We usually have a salad in the evening, but I get bored with them after a few evenings. The other day, I had this fantastic idea of making a sandwich with chicken leftovers from a roasted chicken and fresh veggies. We had them for dinner for three or four evenings in the row, until I got bored. Again. But they’re still tasty!


You’ll need a few small cherry tomatoes (sliced), some greens, 1 avocado mixed with lemon juice, horseradish and feta cheese, and some chicken. Use the avocado mixture instead of butter, spread it on the two slices of bread you’ll use for the sandwich. On one slice of bread, arrange some salad, tomatoes and the chicken (remember to heat it up first). Top it with the other slice of bread and cut it diagonally to make those fancy looking sandwiches.

If avocado is not your thing, try some hummus. And please, do not use mayo – you really don’t need it!


One thought on “Sandwiches for dinner

  1. Make Asian or Greek lettuce wraps with Lefover chicken too.

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