Dinner at Wurst

We tried Wurst (2437 4th Street SW) for dinner a few evenings ago. We had been there for brunch, but somehow the idea of ‘wurst’ is not the most appealing to me. Granted, given the name of the restaurant, one would be entitled to expect a wide range of sausages on the menu. If that’s what you’re after, then the restaurant will disappoint.

The menu caters to all tastes, following the usual routine: chicken dish, lamb dish, fish dish, pork dish, beef dish. There may have been a sausage on the menu, but since I do not like sausages I didn’t pay attention. The reason why I haven’t been there before is that I find the place too pricey for the type of food it offers. Now, it is not necessarily pricer than other similar restaurants in Calgary, but that’s how I felt about it. I cannot complain about the restaurant – I find it pleasant, but the rustic touch is not my cup of tea (I’m more of the black-and-white, clean-cut, straight lines modern design type of person).

My party and I chose the two fish dishes on the menu: the steelhead trout ($28) and the sable fish ($33). The trout was nicely fried, with a crunchy skin (what can I say, I love crunchy fish skin!). It came with 4 bacon-wrapped asparagus spears and 4 tiny carrots. I was a bit disappointed with the vegetables – the carrots were good, but gone in two bites. In my books, bacon and fish is a no-no (call me pretentious, I don’t mind). To be honest, fried bacon is a big no-no for me. The combination of fish and bacon was too salty and too oily for my taste. The sable fish was a slightly better choice. It came with a bean paste and some cauliflower, which were both delicious. The fish itself is flaky and bland for my taste.

We ended the meal by sharing a huge and delicious Black Forest cake ($11). The recipe was ingenious – layers of soft brownies and chocolate mousse, topped with sour cherries in liquor. Yum!

With a glass of wine ($12 – very happy to have come across a sweet wine!), the bill came to $88 (before tip). The best two words capturing my impression of this meal are ‘average but expensive’. Ok, I guess that’s three words…

Wurst Restaurant and Beer Hall on Urbanspoon


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