After months and months of trying to make it to Smashburger, we finally had lunch over there last week. Disclosure statement: I don’t like burgers. I know the picture this paints, but here you go, I live in Calgary and burgers are not my type of food.


Smashburger logo

We tried the location in the north-east (#4, 2770 32 Avenue NE). Inside, the fast food looks fine: modern furniture, clean layout, lots of natural light. The menu is quite diverse, with plenty of choices playing upon the ‘healthy eating’ concept. If you love your beef and bacon, not to worry, they’re on the menu. Prices are also higher than your usual fast food, perhaps not unrelated to the promise of ‘healthy eating’ (you pay more, but you tell yourself it was for good reasons, you don’t feel ripped off anymore!). All in all, I liked the place – I’d go back for a quick bite over lunch, when nothing else works out.


The Smashburger concept.

Once inside, you have to line up to order. We ordered two avocado club grilled chicken (8.49$ each) and decided to go for fries ($2.49). With a bottle of water ($2.39), our fast food lunch came to $23.06 (GST included, no tip).


Avocado grilled chicken burger.

The burgers were good, but nothing to rave about: grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, some bacon (no bacon for me, thank you very much) topped with some mayo and a disappointingly small (and unripe, I might add) slice of avocado.

The food was brought to our table in a small basket lined up with parchment paper – neat visual effect.

Smashburger on Urbanspoon


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