Coffee & Tea in Calgary


Coffee and dessert at Phil and Sebastian

For me, a coffee/ tea house should be a small meeting place. A place where you sit and sip coffee/ tea for the socializing aspect of it: you watch people coming and going, the music plays in the background, the place is almost-full and the nice murmur of people chatting warms you up. I’m quite picky about such places, so my taste may not be your taste. But here are some nice places I like to go to in Calgary:

  • Good Earth Cafe on 17th Ave – well, not really on 17th, but on 15 ave with 11 st (1502 11th Street SW). The place is open until 10pm, and it’s almost always packed. It has lots of tables, yet it’s still intimate. In summer, the patio is decent enough and you get people and car-watch.
  • Kawa Espresso Bar on 8 Street SW (101-1333 8 Street SW, Calgary). I really like the patio in the summer! Intimate, with a few umbrellas to shelter you, and with a great view of the street (and yes, occasionally there are people on the street too, hurray!). The place is nice and cozy inside, but it was always way too crowded – we never found a place inside 😦 You have to try the pastries, really delicious. Expect Starbucks prices. 
  • Cafe Beano, again on 17th Ave, just a few blocks away from Good Earth (1613 9 St SW). A bit more crowded than Good Earth, but with huge windows so that you can see the world moving by. The cafe latte comes in a huge soup bowl… and the brownies are just delicious. Open until midnight or 11pm.
  • Oolong Tea House located in Kensington (#110 10th St NW). The tea collection is intimidating at first – what to choose? But once you settle on something (I’d advise green tea since it’s my favorite), get a brownie too… Open until 11pm or midnight (Friday and Saturday).
  • Steeps Tea House is right downtown, on 17th Ave (12G-880 16 Avenue SW). Serving tea only (from $ 3.50 the small cup) and hot chocolate ($4.50). A very large selection of teas available.
  • Gratitude Cafe – in Kensington, vegetarian. Organic tea and coffee, wine, veggie & fruits drinks.
  • DeVille Cafe in Art Central – I’m a big fan of what they’ve done with the place after the renovations! Trendy design with a white/red/ black theme, great collection of green teas, yummy desserts. Did I mention the very interesting tea cups that are transparent, have no holders but are never warm on the outside? The only major problem with this place is that it closes at 3pm on Sundays. Expect the price range of Starbucks and Good Earth.
  • Coffee Cats Cafe – on 17th Avenue (2765 – 17th Ave SW, that’s further west than the downtown area, past Crowchild trail). Clean and cozy inside. Although the location is not perfect for people watching, it still is a great place to relax, read your morning newspaper or tend to your coffee/tea addictions.
  • Waves Coffee House: two new additions to 17th avenue (1019 17th Avenue SW & 602 17th Avenue, in an old house). Both coffee house are spacious and quite comfy inside, with a blue/white tile design. I really like the one in the old house, especially the upper floor! It features a wide collection of loose leaf teas and coffees, as well as croissants, cheese cakes and other desserts (my personal favorite: the Black Forest cake). Expect prices in the Starbucks/ Good Earth range. Update March 2012: Just tried the new $2 matcha – not bad, but not impressive either. Best iced chocolate in town.
  • Phil & Sebastian: located in Marda Loop ( 2043 33 Ave SW), with a fresh design that rivals deVille, this place has a good collection of in-house roasted coffee and some good teas as well. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t comment on the coffee, but I am a pastry-fan. A while ago, this place had the best pastry in Calgary, but I have yet to find it again. The scones and cookies are OK, but for that price, I expect to be impressed.
  • The Bakery/ La Boulangerie, on 4th Street SW. Go for coffee or tea, stay for the pastries! Try out sweet and savory pastries, crepes, freshly squeezed orange juice, breads, sandwiches, and the list can go on and on.
  • Vendome Cafe, in Sunnyside/ Kensington. A really neat place for your morning coffee/tea and brunch.

Latte, croissant and pain au chocolat at Chiasso

Waves Coffee House on Urbanspoon

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7 thoughts on “Coffee & Tea in Calgary

  1. Ahmad says:

    You have to add Phil&Sebastian to the list!

  2. eatincalgary says:

    You’re absolutely right! I keep on forgetting to do that! I really like that place! I’m gonna do it right now!

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  4. Roasterrie in Kensington?
    Bumpy’s on 8th St & 11 ave ish?
    Higher Ground in Kensington?
    Some of these places are closed, like Primal Ground.
    Good post, time for an update. Also, Coffee Disloyalty Program…

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  6. Ann Kirby says:

    Does anyone know where in calgary you can buy loose leaf Ahmad ceylon tea ?

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