La Boulangerie – Bakery Cafe


Pastries and coffee, La Boulangerie on 4th Street.


I have meant to try La Boulangerie for a long, long time! So when our friends suggested it for brunch, I was very excited! This is the type of cafe we should have every other block, including those dreadful suburbs. Then I’d finally be happy with Calgary (though I can’t promise I’d stop complaining about it!).

Since my first visit to La Boulangerie – Bakery Cafe (2435 4th Street SW), I came back every single weekend! It has become our favorite weekend afternoon tea+coffee+pastry place!

I am not sure I’d go back there for brunch, but had I lived in the neighborhood, I’d certainly be a regular. The place is not as cozy as other cafes. It only has around 10 tables and it’s harder to fit larger parties. On weekends, brunch is crazy – if you get a spot, go get a lottery ticket as well cause it’s your lucky day! I tried the salmon sandwich on a baguette (around $10), together with a hot chocolate that I loved! The sandwich was fresh, tasty but nothing to write home about.

If you go to La Boulangerie, you go for the pastries! After lunch, go there for a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate (or for a glass of… wait for it… freshly squeezed orange juice!). Each time you’re there, make it your mission to try a different pastry! So far, I sampled the chocolate and walnut pastry, the apple strudel ($6), and the french apricot and almond pastry ($5). If you’re getting croissants or pastries with chocolate inside, ask the staff to warm them up a bit. My current favorite is the apricot and almond pastry.


Salmon baguette sandwich, La Boulangerie on 4th Street.

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