Have you tried Double Zero Pizza yet?

Update: January 2013. We went back to Double Zero Pizza two years after we first tried it. Again, I loved the place but was not impressed with the pizza.

This time, we were a group of four and decided to share a few appetizers and two large pizzas. The appetizers were really really yummy! We went for the calamari ($12), meatballs ($13 for three pieces), arancini ($12 – fried rice balls), and fennel and oranges salad ($15). All appetizers were worth the money – I’m voting for the calamari, but since I love calamari in general, my vote is not that reliable…

We tried two new pizzas: spinach and potato ($17), and confit chicken ($18). Just like the first time we were there, both pizzas were soaked in oil. My liver was traumatized! To this day, it refuses to even remember the experience!

With two glasses of red wine, the bill came to $110 before tip. Although I love the way this pizzeria is decorated, I feel that they need to do a better job with the pizza. Calgary is getting nicer and nicer restaurants and pizzerias nowadays. Design by itself no longer suffices.


September 2011:

If there’s one good thing about Groupon, it’s the deals for restaurants. I have recently bought one of those $15 for $30 for one of the new pizzerias in town – Double Zero Pizza. And while I wasn’t in love with the food, I definitely fell in love with the place.

Double Zero Pizza is located in the basement of the Core Shopping Center, across from Holt Renfrew (751-3rd Street SW). From what I could see, the restaurant is divided into four main areas: a few high tables right by the entrance, a lounge section that sounded very noisy and two other restaurant sections. Big shelves with cans and bottles act as dividers, so that you can have a bit of privacy while also snooping around on other patrons. Unfortunately, the dim lights made it hard to take a decent picture of the place.

With our $15-for-30 coupon, we first shared an appetizer – Beef Carpaccio ($14). I wasn’t particularly fond of it, but my partner enjoyed it. For the main course, we chose a salami pizza ($17) which wasn’t the best choice for me again: too salty, too fatty and too much salami on it (yeah, I know, if you don’t like salami, don’t order salami pizza…). One glass of red wine later ($7), the bill came at $39.90 before tip.

Maybe my food choices were not the best, but I really liked the ambiance, so I’m willing to give the place another try.
Double Zero Pizza on Urbanspoon

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