Dinner at Social Restolounge

First of all, there are no pictures for this post. It was too dark inside and the phone couldn’t snap a proper photo. Second of all, this place is in the middle of nowhere (i.e., Aspen Woods), so unless you live in that neighborhood, don’t bother. The food was fine, though we did have to wait for around 45 minutes for it to arrive.

The restaurant (2136-10 Aspen Stone Blvd SW) is rather small (around 24 – 30 tables), with a black-and-white theme. What stood out for me however was the bathroom – (too) spacious, with (too many) mirrors all around the room. I am merely a patron, but it did not seem like the right place to have a fancy restaurant – a strip mall, where everything else was closed. Oh, and it was rather chilly inside – and it got even colder as more people came in, opening the door repeatedly…

Nothing exciting or special on the menu – the usual, expensive appetizers ($12 – $18). I didn’t see anything of interest – I briefly considered either a salad or the grilled endives, but gave up (the dish seemed rather bland). I chose the grilled arctic char ($26) with squash and tomato sauce. The char was lovely, but I got three zucchini slices, one small carrot, two radishes and a tomato ‘soup’ (ok, sauce). Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat meat with sauce – I need a side dish to complement the acidity of the tomatoes. My partner got another fish dish – the sea bass ($35) with a risotto side, along with the small carrot and two radishes. We decided to share the daily dessert  feature- the apple crumble ($10). We got a minuscule dish (the size of a small palm) with a few slices of apple and some oatmeal on top. Disappointing.

If you were to get some wine, budget for $10/ glass – or get a bottle (prices vary). No menu/ options for the few of us who don’t drink alcohol (and as always in such cases, I stick to water). Our bill came to $75 (without wine, before tip).


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