Dinner at Model Milk


Model milk.

I should confess I’m biased: I do like Model Milk. I like the concept, I like the food. Now that you know where I stand, you can go on reading about our dinner there last week.

We (a party of four) made a reservation for 7.30 pm on a Friday evening. The table was not ready by the time we arrived and we had to wait for almost 20 minutes. The waitresses offered a drink from the bar but we decided to wait. Our table was on the ground floor of the main room. Model Milk may look deceivingly small from the outside, with only a few tables by the windows, but there’s quite a big, rectangular room in the back. The concept is urban/ industrial, with brick-layered walls and funky lamps seemingly hanging from a suspended beam. The place is always busy – at least during weekends, so reservations are recommended.

Since we were really hungry, we immediately settled on the calamari and a portion of French fries. I loved the calamari ($14) – not your usual, deep-fried calamari rings. Rather, small calamari bites sauteed with chilli pepper and edamame beans. The French fries ($8) were surprisingly good (I am not a big fan of fries), sprinkled with a bit of cheese.  Finally, we ordered a portion of veal croquettes ($15) – smoked, minced pork, rolled into round croquettes and deep fried. They came covered with some greens and served with a sweet sauce.


Veal croquettes.


Calamari fricasse and French fries.

For the main dishe, we went with the fish tacos and the trout. The fish tacos ($50) is a dish for two (but three can easily share it, especially after ordering appetizers!). It comes with soft, warm tacos; one whole, big sea bass; and a variety of sides (guacamole and some sort of salsa being the only two that I can name). You are expected to work your way with the fish (clean it, remove the bones, etc.) and you will get dirty putting everything together. The trout ($26) came poached, on a bed of greens with a yellow sauce and garnished with some radishes and mushrooms. Both dishes were tasty and light, but not a ‘culinary experience’.

With a bottle of wine ($60), the bill came to $186 (before tip). I’d definitely go back; while the food we ordered was not necessarily special, it was good and, combined with the atmosphere, it made for a wonderful dinner out.


Model Milk.


Model Milk.

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One thought on “Dinner at Model Milk

  1. Elsie Hui says:

    I really enjoyed my experience here! I didn’t enjoy dinner, which I’m tempted to go for now! My experience was just for late night drink… and that was really memorable! Great blog!

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