Fuji Yama on 17th


Sushi plate, Fuji Yama on 17th.

After reading some of the Urbanspoon reviews for this place, I am happy to report my sushi night-out was quite successful! We have never tried the place before – and that’s exactly why I got the 20-for-40 discount coupon. The restaurant is located in the basement of the Devenish building on 17th (908 17th Ave SW) and you have to go around the building to find the entrance. Once you’re in, turn to your left to enter the restaurant.

The place is nicely decorated, a mixture of Japanese-looking elements and modern, clean-cut furniture. The rooms are quite large and the hostess placed us right by the bar/ kitchen, although we got completely caught up in examining the menu and deciding on our food.


Fuji Yama on 17th.

Since my partner had only reluctantly agreed to sushi, we were quite happy to discover a rich menu boasting a New York chef’s approach to (fusion) cuisine. My partner quickly settled on the Queens black cod fillet with greens and rice ($17). The fish was absolutely delicious: not too salty, not too grilled.

I had a harder time deciding on sushi rolls. Since I am not an expert, I need details on what gets inside each roll. I went for a red tuna roll (tekka) ($5) and the sweet venom roll ($10). The latter was a real hit – salmon, avocado, mango, garnished with fish roe. Out of curiosity, I also ordered 2 pieces of the shitake mushroom sushi ($2/ piece) – the mushroom had a nice, salty taste. The bill came to $40.95 after tax. I’m putting Fuji Yama on my list of sushi-faves.


Fuji Yama on 17th.


Queens black cod fillet.

Fuji Yama on 17th on Urbanspoon

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