Lunch at Vendome Cafe, Kensington (part 2)


Roasted chicken clubhouse.

Back in 2011, I blogged about this little Kensington gem. Although I went back several times, I always forgot to take pictures! This time, I managed to remember and snapped two shots of our food: the roasted chicken clubhouse ($12) and the brownie.

As usual, the place was packed but we were able to find a table. I really like the second room – white walls, big black lamps hanging from the ceiling, sumptuous chandeliers. It does not take much to make a place cater to the urbanites!

The sandwich was simply delicious. The mustard-based dip was my favorite, by far. I am not sure about the brownie though – too rich and creamy for me. But it does go well with green tea!

Although I do not have a photo, I’d also recommend the organic marinated beets salad ($6.95). I expected a plate with beets, but what came was actually a salad with greens, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, carrot, red onion and beets. It was much better than expected!

And yes, the glass bottled Coke was still on the menu!



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