Roadhouse Restaurant Strathmore – Dinner Buffet


Meat-lovers dinner buffet: moist and tender ribs with veggies.

Dinner buffet anyone? We were recently coming back from a one-day trip to the Dinosaur Provincial Park near Brooks (worth seeing, if you haven’t been there – beware of the snakes though!) and searched the internet for restaurants in Strathmore. The Road House Restaurant and Saloon was top of the list, on Highway 1 (map) so we gave it a try!

And I’m glad we did: although not much from the outside, the restaurant was quite nice, the food was good, with a fair selection of dishes, and the price was awesome! For $20.99/ person, you get to stuff yourself like there’s no tomorrow! I was thinking this is actually a very good deal if you’re throwing a larger birthday party (and paying for it) – Strathmore is not that far away from Calgary, the price is set, the restaurant is spacious (the Milestone/ Melrose type) and everyone can go for what they want. The meat selection included chicken, turkey, beef and pork. The ribs were probably the best of what we’ve tried – moist, tender and fatty (bad for your body though!). The side dishes included mashed potatoes, pasta, some stews and, my favorite, mushrooms! The desserts were not the best in town, but good enough: compote fruit, fresh fruit, butter tarts, pies, cakes. I really liked the berry pie.

For two people, without drinks, we paid $46.20 before tip.


Selection of salads.

Roadhouse Restaurant & Saloon on Urbanspoon

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