Strawberry mousse


Strawberries mousse.

This dessert is as good as the strawberries you use. Which means that here, in Calgary, you’ll have to go for the most rotten strawberries in the store and then add some sugar. On the plus side, this dessert takes 10 minutes to prepare and can be frozen if needed.


    1 pound ripe strawberries
    4 – 8 Tbsp sugar
    1 egg white (optional)


  • Wash strawberries and remove stem. To speed things up, cut them using a small knife.
  • Place half of the strawberries in the blender, together with half the sugar and the egg white. Mix well.
  • As the blender mashes the strawberries, add the other half and sugar to taste. Don’t throw in all the sugar at once. Add a spoon, then try it out.
  • Pour in small glass bowls (you’ll need around 4) and refrigerate or freeze.
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