Dinner at Inti Restaurant, Peruvian cuisine


Escabeche de pollo.

Inspired by another Calgary food blogger, I decided to try a new small place in the industrial area. Inti (208 – 3132 26th Street NE) promises to bring the ‘flavor of Peru’ to your table.

The place, located in the Inter-Pacific strip mall, is small and clean, with 12 tables or so, decorated with Inca drawings on the walls and playing Latino soundtracks. The place itself seems more suitable for a lunch-hour meal than for a dinner out with your partner.

The menu has a few options: the rotisserie chicken (advertised as the specialty), as well as pork and beef. I decided to go for the quarter rotisserie chicken with yucca fries and a small salad on the side ($9.90). Nobody asked if I prefer red or white meat – I got white meat, which was exactly what I would have asked for. The yucca fries were deep fried and too crispy for me. They came with a mild sauce – ok, but hard to figure out what it had inside. The salad was in a small bowl, which made it very hard to mix in the vinaigrette.

My party went for the escabeche de pollo ($12.90) – another chicken dish. The menu indicated it is spicy but we couldn’t feel any bite. The chicken seemed to have been per-cooked, tossed with a sauce and some veggies. Nothing memorable.

For dessert, we chose a bread pudding with orange and cinnamon sauce ($6.50). We both loved it, truly the highlight of the meal!

The bill came to $30.77 before tip. If you work in the NE, you may want to give it a try for lunch. I wasn’t impressed and I’ll continue to choose Nando’s for a quick and inexpensive meal out.


Quarter rotisserie chicken with yucca fries and salad.

Inti Restaurant - Peruvian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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