European Food Stores in Calgary

Here’s a list of those small, family-owned European food stores that I know of in Calgary. Let me know if I’ve missed your favorite!

  • Kalamata Grocery Store (in the vicinity of 17Ave SW, 1421 11 Street SW). The place to go for veggie spreads, canned vegetables and fruits, sweets, flat breads, olives and above all white cheese… (Already blogged about the pickles, taramasalata and veggie spreads)
  • Matrioshka Pizza and Deli (at the intersection between of 17 Ave SW and 14 St SW, 1610 14 Street SW). A tiny store, mostly with canned products imported from Russia. I was very surprised to see that they sell over the counter medicine brought from Russia (wonder if it’s legal?). Some frozen cooked foods and various smoked/salted fish.
  • Maria’s Market (you’ll need to drive over there, #42, 2770-32 Avenue NE). A good selection of home-cooked appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Canned veggies and fruits, and a good selection of meats. Look for those home-made, just-out-of-the-oven breads and main dishes!
  • Lina’s Italian Market (conveniently located on Center Street, 2202 Centre St NE). Lots of pasta, pasta sauces, yummy cheese of all kinds, and desserts. There’s a small restaurant on site open for lunch. (Already blogged about the cheese…)
  • The Italian Supermarket (by Edmonton Trail NW, 265 20th Avenue NE). Pasta, sauces, olive oil, olives… Some frozen meats as well. The selection of cheese was not as varied (I didn’t see too many types of white cheese).
  • Francesco’s Italian Food Store (close to 17th Ave SW,3413- 26 Ave SW, Calgary). A good selection of pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, deli. For lunch, try the sandwiches!
  • Jan’s Meat and Deli (right by Crowchild Trail NW, so you’ll need to drive there: 2436 – 2 Ave NW). Haven’t been there yet, so I cannot say much… Stay tuned though…
  • Euro Pastry (again, you’ll need a ride there, as it’s close to the intersection between Deerfoot Trail and Pegan Trail – 4016 – 26 Street S.E. If you go to the Calgary Farmers’ Market, you might find them there too). Lots and lots of pastries and desserts…
  • Hungarian Store (right next to the Euro Pastry, 4020 26th St. S.E.). You’ll find a similar range of foods as in Kalamata and Maria’s Market. But worth the trip for the smoked meats…
  • Edelweiss Village (a car is needed, as for almost all of these stores – hidden behind Crowchild Trail NW, in the proximity of the University of Calgary, 1921-20th. Ave. N.W.). A good selection of coffee and tea, some cheese and meats, and a very yummy collection of desserts. There’s also a small restaurant, open all day and worth checking out!
  • Heritage Bakery and Deli (on the corner of 17th Ave SW and 37th Street, 1912 37th St. S.W.). A fair selection of sausages and meats, canned fruits and veggies, pickles. A small restaurant inside for lunch.
  • Paolini’s Meat and Deli (in SE, 5735-3rd Street, SE, you will need to drive and check for directions beforehand, as it is not by the main road). Canned foods from Eastern Europe and Germany, a selection of meats, sausages, cheese, as well as some frozen home-cooked foods (like soup for around $4). A neat little store, but the shop-assistant didn’t know where the fresh meat is coming from.
  • The Dutch Cash and Carry Store (3815 – 16th Street SE, very far away and very hard to find since the shop is small and hidden away in an industrial area). A selection of canned foods all imported from the Netherlands, some smoked fish, a wide range of cheese. However, the shop smelled badly when I visited, so unless you’re a huge fan of Dutch products, I wouldn’t go there twice.
  • Links Deli at Crossroads Market (1235 – 26 Avenue SE, you’ll definitely need to drive over there) specializes in Hungarian products – everything from cooked food to pickles, sauces, paprika, and a fair selection of cold cuts and sausages.
  • European Delicatessen (8409 Elbow Dr SW, in Haysboro – you’ll definitely need to drive there). Another food store with a German specific – wonderful home-made deserts and jams (around $6/ jar), a wide selection of deli meats and cheese, European-made sweets, mustards, pickles, wieners, sardines, veggie spreads etc.
  • European Bakery (515 17th Ave SW) imports a variety of sweets, pickled and canned Items primarily from Eastern Europe. They also feature a variety of fresh desserts and even burek.

14 thoughts on “European Food Stores in Calgary

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  4. George says:

    If you want dutch then go try out the Dutch Cash and Carry they really have everything you can think of from Holland

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  10. Crystal says:

    Jan’s (pron: Yahn’s) meat and Deli is an awesome place to go. He sells canned ground poppy seed (with raisins) if you are trying to make classic Eastern European treats. I have also bought shanks of beef (bone in) from him for when I am making my traditional Czech recipes. He cuts the meat for me right in the store, so I get exactly how much I want. His prices are also really reasonable. Small store, but lots to look at! Not much parking though.

  11. eatincalgary says:

    Thanks Crystal! Jan’s meat & deli is on my list of European stores to check…

  12. Great List. Have been to several of these stores and simply love them.

  13. Monica says:

    hello I looking for Yeast somewhere in Calgary but I new in here
    somedy know where can I find? I want to go to the Hungarian store but transportation is not available, this is true?

    • eatincalgary says:

      What kind of yeast are you looking for? They sell it in all major groceries stores, in the baking section, but it may not look like the one you’re used to. It comes in a small jar.

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