For tea lovers…


A cup of orange blossom green tea.

If you love tea, the Naked Leaf in Kensington may be your place! I love green tea. I’m a new comer to the green tea league, having been addicted to black tea my entire childhood. I don’t know much about subtleties of the tea business: I drink tea and I decide if I like it or not.

I confess I was a bit taken aback with the prices at The Naked Leaf. Armed with a Groupon, I descended upon the store to get some flavorful green tea. The selection is fair, featuring black, green, organic green and various mixtures.

The tea is nicely displayed on a wall, in small tin containers that you can open and smell. The prices range from $9 (small, 50g) to $40 (100 g) per container.

I wouldn’t/ couldn’t spend 40 bucks no matter how fair the trade may be, so I opted for the orange blossom green tea – a mixture of lemongrass, green tea, lemon myrtle and natural oils of rose, orange, lime and tangerine. It smelled great, so I went for it! I got the big container ($18) and received a free tin (the shop assistant informed me it was designed by a local artist and that next time I bring it in, I’ll get $1 off toward the refill). To be fair, I got quite a lot of tea!

I’m sipping on a cup of tea as I write this post – and I’m finally at peace with spending the money… The tea is flavorful, with an orange smell and taste to it. I didn’t think I’ll say it, but I am definitely going for a refill!


Orange blossom green tea from The Naked Leaf.


One thought on “For tea lovers…

  1. Tracee Read says:

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