Misai Japanese Restaurant

This little sushi restaurant can be found in the industrial part of Calgary, on 32nd Ave NE with 19 St. And that’s precisely why we were very surprised to find out we needed a reservation! Well, the place wasn’t entirely packed, but the booths and bigger tables were fully booked for the night (and I mean, for a low-profile Thursday night).

February 26, 2012: We were seated at a 2-person table next to the kitchen counter, which wasn’t as bad as it may sound. The menu was huge for our limited sushi knowledge but fortunately it had pictures! Yeah, I’m that lame… We were hoping the waitress could help us pick something but unfortunately she didn’t speak a lot of English so we settled for green tea (3$), the deluxe sushi & roll meal (19.95$), and some deep fried smelt (6.95$) (we know of a delicious fried fish similar to smelt and have been trying hard to find a substitute for it in Calgary… Unfortunately it wasn’t the smelt we ordered that night). The DeLuxe meal was big (for the two of us) and had a sushi roll, some sashimi and … Well, I wish I could tell you what else but we don’t really know sushi (we only eat it)… In any case, everything was delicious! To call it a night, I tried the red bean almond pudding (5.95$). Suffice it to say I won’t ever try it again.

The bill came to 37.64$ before tip. The restaurant has made it on my “casual nights out” list, so I’ll definitely be back soon…

Update May 2012: back at Misai for some of that delicious sushi… This time, we made a reservation and got a booth! After checking and re-checking the menu for more than 15 minutes (hey, it’s a very long menu!), we decided to share the grilled mackerel ($15) and a sushi combo ($15). I would recommend the mackerel – it was delicious! I have a hard time with fish dishes (I find most fish bland), but this grilled mackerel was delicious. It came with some chopped onion, tomatoes and bell pepper (though if you want a side, you should get the rice or additional veggies). The sushi combo was more than enough for the two of us – 6 California pieces, 6 salmon & fried shrimp pieces and 6 tuna & fried shrimp pieces. What I really like about these rolls is the smell and taste of roasted sesame seeds. Unfortunately, the dessert was unimpressive, yet again. We opted for the small mochi ice-cream balls – OK, but I’m not gonna order them again. We’ll be back!



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