Extreme Bean Eatery – Coffee & tea in Calgary

Extreme Bean Eatery

One of my favorite things to complain about is the lack of proper food and beverage options in Calgary’s (few urban) parks. Yes, there’s River Cafe and the ice cream truck in Prince’s Island, but the first one is expensive and I’m not an ice cream person (ridiculous, I know, but I can’t help it). On a perfect spring day, we were strolling down Bow River Pathway and came across Extreme Bean Eatery: inconspicuous building, with what could be a perfect patio (3303 3 Avenue NW).

The eatery looks cozy inside and a few people were eating or just hanging around with their laptops. The food menu was quite extensive, with a selection of Asian dishes, but we weren’t hungry. We ordered two cups of tea and a brownie and head off for the patio overlooking the Bow River Pathway. The patio is in serious need of a revamp if it is to make the list of ‘best summer patios in Calgary’. Not sure if the owners are interested, but here we go, some unsolicited advice: plants, music, some crafts hanging on the walls and matching tables/chairs are a must. Otherwise, the patio will continue to be one of those ugly storage-converted-to-patio spaces.

Happy to report the tea selection included Tazo teas. The brownie was rich and walnutty, loved it. Expect prices in the range of Good Earth/ Starbucks.

Tea and brownie.

Extreme Bean Eatery on Urbanspoon

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