Best iced chocolate – Calgary coffee shops

Say you don’t drink coffee. Say you had enough tea for the day. Say you like hot chocolate but it’s just one of those hot summer days. What’s left?


Waves coffee shop.

How about the best iced chocolate in town? Made with real milk, none of that powder after-taste and icy enough to quench your thirst. If this sounds good, you can find the iced chocolate in question at Waves Coffee House – two locations on 17th avenue downtown (602 17th ave SE and 1019 17th ave SE). Small cup – $4.

For other coffee and tea houses in Calgary, check this post.

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One thought on “Best iced chocolate – Calgary coffee shops

  1. […] Waves Coffee House: two new additions to 17th avenue (1019 17th Avenue SW & 602 17th Avenue, in an old house). Both coffee house are spacious and quite comfy inside, with a blue/white tile design. I really like the one in the old house, especially the upper floor! It features a wide collection of loose leaf teas and coffees, as well as croissants, cheese cakes and other desserts (my personal favorite: the Black Forest cake). Expect prices in the Starbucks/ Good Earth range. Update March 2012: Just tried the new $2 matcha – not bad, but not impressive either. Best iced chocolate in town. […]

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