TYN, not all’s peachy…


TYN Lounge

The Yellow Nectarine (TYN) Lounge (100 – 815 8th Ave SW) boasts a nectarine-infused menu and a trendy look. I can’t say it managed to convince me, but all in all, it’s not a bad place to try out.

Armed with a $20 for $40 discount coupon, we gave it a try for dinner on a cold, winter evening. Maybe it was the winter, maybe it was me, but the place felt cold and impersonal. It did warm up however as the live jazz singer started to play the sax – by far, the highlight of the night! He walked around as he was playing, stopping by each table for a few moments and improvising for the customers.

My partner and I went for the dinner for 2 option – $50. We both tried the ribs with mashed potatoes and veggies. The meat was very tender but I wasn’t impressed with anything in particular. I couldn’t taste the promised nectarine-infusion, which was disappointing because that’s exactly what prompted me to get the coupon in the first place. I’m sorry to say the dessert wasn’t memorable either – and I completely forgot what we had… With a cup of tea for me, the final bill came to $55.39 (before tip).



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