Disappointing Jacqueline Suzanne’s dinner

Armed with a coupon for an a la carte dinner for two, we called Jacqueline Suzanne’s Bistro (1219 9th Ave SE) for reservations on a quiet week-day evening. We were told the restaurant is fully booked and the person on the phone suggested an earlier time slot. When she realized we won’t take it, she suddenly ‘found’ us a table.

Surprise! When we arrived at the restaurant, the place was… empty! And, although some customers came in during our one and a half hour dinner, the place didn’t even get half full!

The place itself, located in Inglewood, tries to play the card of the antique-shop-bistro. In my opinion, it fails. There’s a fine line between antique and kitschy second-hand; for me, the bistro fell without doubt in the latter category. Everything looked used and common; I confess that in my mind, antique stands for sumptuous, high-end and quality. It does not stand for cheap plastic flowers your granny kept on her kitchen table…

As you can sense, I wasn’t impressed at all; the service was equally bad. The restaurant markets itself as “family owned and operated”. Well, I’m very sorry, but that’s not an excuse for untrained, unprofessional service. I’m not gonna spend $108 to socialize with the waiter or to find a hair in my soup (Yeap, it was the end of my meal…). Or to listen to the ongoing phone calls of the staff or owner. I’m there for a dinner experience!

Well, unfortunately the food was equally unimpressive. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t memorable either. We started with a carrot ginger soup, which had way too much ginger. That’s where the hair floated as well… For the main course, I opted for the Chef’s chicken. I was a bit surprised to get a deep-fried chicken, stuffed with a cheese-based mixture. My party opted for the poached salmon, which was a better choice. Both came with a wild rice risotto, a bit too dry and bland for me.

As for dessert, the creme brûlée tasted like the packaged one, while the apple crumbles pie had too much sugar and too few apples.

With a glass of wine and a tea, the bill came to $108 before tip.

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One thought on “Disappointing Jacqueline Suzanne’s dinner

  1. Denique Lee says:

    Wow you hit the nail on the head! I went with guests during my visit to Calgary from San Fransisco. I read some great reviews but…I’d like to ad not only did the place look cheap and kitchy it smelt really bad like the carpet hadn’t been cleaned in 100 years!
    The wine selection was as outdated as the rest of the place!
    The food didn’t taste very good, we also had chicken but it tasted like the cheapest chicken money could buy. The Prime Rib was all the rage but it tasted old like they were serving yesterday’s dinner and the hotshots pudding was so full of old oil it made my guest feel sick.
    Needless to say we didn’t stick it out for dessert!The servers were very unprofessional and really should go back to their jobs at the burger joints they appeared to be recruited from!
    I’ll never go there again! Don’t waste your time or money! With so many other fantastic choices in the city GO ELSEWHERE! N n

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