Dim sum places: TPot China Bistro

One of my favorite dim sum places is in Harvest Hills, next to T&T. I am no expert on dim sum, but there are a few things I love: anything with shrimp, BBQ pork buns, and egg custard tarts for desert. These are my barometer for dim sum restaurants.

Now that you know my criteria, here’s what I like about TPot (9650 Harvest Hills Blvd, NE). First, I like the restaurant itself: it is very spacious, divided into 3 main sections (one of which is for dim sum) and nicely decorated. Most dim sum places do not seem to care about looks – TPot gets extra points here!

Second, I like the ordering procedure: once seated, the waiter brings the dim sum menu (bilingual, thank you). You get to choose what you like (or, in my case, imagine you’d like). After a few years of sampling dim sum, I go for a few shrimp dishes, usually steamed. I never fail to order the BBQ pork buns, as well as an order of steamed veggies. I’m not so keen on the lotus wrapped rice, but it’s an add-on to consider if really hungry.

For a party of two, we usually get around 5 orders of food and the egg tarts (after that, I go to T&T and get those tarts for home. Not as fresh as the ones in TPot, but, hey, they’re still delicious!!). Among my favorites: shrimp and veggies dumplings, shrimp in rice crepes, BBQ chicken buns, and the afore mentioned BBQ pork buns. So far (and I hope I’m not jinxing it), I have never left disappointed. The bill usually comes at around $30 before tip.

T.Pot China Bistro on Urbanspoon

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