Lunch for $15 at Vero Bistro in Kensington

Vero Bistro in Kensington (209, 10th St. NW, Calgary) has a special offer for lunch: a 3 course menu for $15/ person. The bistro is small (around 11 tables) but with a very modern design, playing on a combination of three colors – white, black and red. On the day I tried it, the special lunch menu was simply delicious: cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, braised pork with risotto, and fruit icecream with strawberries. The portions were just enough for me, though they may look ‘small’ to the local eye. My party had the Kobe Beef burger ($18) which came with a cranberry jam topping and french fries. With two Cokes and a capuccino, the bill came at $46 (before tip). I would definitely recommend the place, both for its posh look and for its delicious food!

Update November 2011: Since we liked Vero Bistro back in 2010, we decided to go back and try the food again before taking guests out for dinner. Armed with a 30-for-60 CAD coupon, we went out for a romantic dinner. I chose the lamb chops (34 CAD) and my partner decided to try the sea bass (33 CAD). Both dishes came with tasty and visually appealing sides, but the sea bass didn’t deliver. In fairness, it’s probably the fish itself (bland, IMHO). The lamb chops, on the other hand, were… exquisite! Juicy and perfectly seasoned, they were a total hit! We ended the meal with a mango cheesecake (8 CAD) – fresh, not very sweet, and not cheesy at all. With a glass of wine and a tea, the bill amounted to 93 CAD before tip.

A week later, we took our guests to Vero Bistro for dinner. I have to say I really like the place, even though I find it way too expensive for a bistro. This time, I tried the lamb shank (28 CAD) which was a bit disappointing: too spicy for my taste (way too much pepper)! My friends chose the fish – the arctic char (28 CAD) and the sable fish (33 CAD). The fish was rather bland, but I liked the arctic char more than the sable fish. As usual, the dishes came with interesting sides combining seasonal veggies. For four entrees and three glasses of wine, the bill came at 153 CAD before tip.

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One thought on “Lunch for $15 at Vero Bistro in Kensington

  1. […] there are definitely restaurants with a more appealing design in this price range (see for instance Vero Bistro in Kensington). But the food is good, the staff is friendly and the guests don’t seem to mind a bit of […]

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