Dinner in the burbs: Hanni’s Restaurant


Pizza leftovers

I’m a Groupon victim: can’t resist the temptation of trying new places and doing it for half price! Armed with a 15$ for 30$ voucher, I made a reservation for Hanni’s on a nice weekday evening. I was a bit surprised to find a small restaurant hidden in a strip mall in SW (4655 37th Street SW). Hanni’s had good reviews online, praising both the food and the cosy atmosphere.

When we arrived around 8pm, only two other tables were taken. The restaurant is small and you do get that feeling of being a guest in someone’s house. The kind of place where you go to on a weekday evening when you ran out of food but don’t feel like dressing up. Frankly, not my kind of place (I do like to dress up and I’m quite fond of places that offer an aesthetic as well as culinary experience).

We settled on shrimps in garlic sauce (9.95$) as a starter and a Hanni’s special pizza (17.95$) for the main course. The shrimps were delicious and still hot when the waitress brought them to the table. The pizza was nice but not my favourite crust. I found it a bit too greasy, but if you read my blog you know I’m quite fussy about fatty, oily or cheesy foods. I enjoyed the food but I’m not hooked on it. The highlight of the evening was, however, the best apple pie (5.95$) ever. It was, well, delicious. We were told is made by a local cook.

Along with two teas ($4.50), the bill came at 38.77$ before tip.

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