Fiore Cantina: Dinner under $50 for two

Fiore, bring back my favorite calamari salad!

February 2012 update: Fiore no longer has my favorite calamari salad – sigh. This means, I won’t be going there any time soon.  On our last visit, things did not go that well at all: the kitchen couldn’t accommodate our request for the salad and the complimentary hot buns with butter failed to show up (since it’s one of my favorite things about Italian places, I had to ask for it…).

The disappointment continued as our orders arrived: the jumbo shrimp salad was a total fiasco, while the Sasha tortellini were floating in a way-too-heavy sauce. There were no jumbo shrimps in the salad – merely shrimps. The mango was defrosted and looked like a disintegrating – read disgusting – yellow mass. Add to this a bunch of greens drizzled with a strange vinaigrette, and you have the recipe for failure.

* * *
Update September 2011. Fiore’s changed the menu, and my favorite dish was gone: calamari salad ($12.15). We asked for it and the waiter told us they can do it anyway, which was very nice of them. I really like this salad: a lot of greens, some bell peppers and plenty of calamari rings.

The tiramisu wasn’t very impressive: way too sweet, way too creamy and decorated with whipped cream and chocolate sauce (that is, more sugar).

The two salads, along with one tiramisu and one tea came to $35.43 (before tip).

* * *

Fiore Cantina is conveniently located downtown, on 17th Ave close to 5th St (602 17 AVE SW). They have a special offer for all-day pasta (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) for $9, which is also a good option for lunch/ dinner. We went there on Friday night, and we were quite happy with our choice. I had a sausage pizza, with thin crust, which was OK. They boast making it with home-made sausages, but I wasn’t too impressed with them. My partner had the breaded veal with vegetables (veal parmigiano), which was really, really yummy. We didn’t have any alcohol, but only a tea and a lemonade. The bill came at $39. The place itself was nice, cozy atmosphere, red lights and candles on each table.

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2 thoughts on “Fiore Cantina: Dinner under $50 for two

  1. DM says:

    Party of _____? How many people?


  2. eatincalgary says:

    we were two people.

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