Vendome Cafe

Check update June 2012.

This little cafe in Sunnyside/ Kensington (940-2nd Ave NW) is definitely a neighbourhood favourite. As you come in, you can see the big menu on the wall, just above the barista. There are quite a few interesting dishes to choose from: breakfast options based on eggs or french toast, lunch options such as soups and salads, and a variety of desserts that please not only the palate, but also the eye.

The place is not very big, but with two rooms you’ll find a place to sit and enjoy your tea or coffee. A few high-tables by the entrance, a few tables with chairs, and a few benches. I really like the minimalistic decorations and the fact that both rooms have big windows so that you can watch the street and the pedestrians (yeap, there are quite  a few pedestrians in Kensington!).

The other day, I met my girlfriends there for brunch around 10:30. The place was almost packed but we found a table and tried the goodies on the menu. I went for the eggs Benedict with ham ($13): two eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce on ham and toast. They came with really tasty hashbrowns – real potatoes, minimum oil. I liked the dish, but I think that next time I’ll go for the veggie option because I can’t handle that much ham. I could not resist the bottled Coke (you know, the one in the ‘real’ – glass – bottle!). The bill came to $16.89 before tip.
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  1. […] Vendome Cafe, in Sunnyside/ Kensington. A really neat place for your morning coffee/tea and brunch. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post.   Comments (3) […]

  2. […] Back in 2011, I blogged about this little Kensington gem. Although I went back several times, I always forgot to take pictures! This time, I managed to remember and snapped two shots of our food: the roasted chicken clubhouse ($12) and the brownie. […]

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