Cravings Market Restaurant

My partner and I had lunch at the Cravings Market Restaurant a few weeks ago. I have heard about the place, but never seen it before and, after checking their website, decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly impressed with the place: designed to look like a small market, it has four main counters where you can order different dishes, from sandwiches, salads and soups to steaks, pasta and pizza. There’s also a dessert/ coffee counter featuring Starbucks coffee. The restaurant area is large enough for you to see everyone, but not step over their toes while ‘shopping’ for your meal.

We were seated at a very nice table, under some in-door trees.  Our waitress took care of the drinks, and we went on to check what each counter had to offer. We settled on the half chicken (fresh from the rotisserie) with vegetables and a large Greek salad. The decision to share the dishes was wise, and we enjoyed our meal without feeling too full. While the food was not special in any way, everything was fresh and tasted good. The bill for the two dishes, a green tea and a bottle of water came to $26.67 (before tip).

The place was nice, the atmosphere relaxed. I’d go there again for lunch, especially if I wanted to chat with my friends without feeling pressed to order or to finish quickly.

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