Cacao Sweet Bread

Sweet bread (cozonac) is a popular dessert in some parts of the world, similar to the Italian Panettone. If you have a bread machine, making it will feel like a breeze. You can also fill them with a variety of things, like crumbled walnuts, raisins, poppy seeds, turkish delight or cacao.  The quantities below will yield two sweet breads. Although you can try to refrigerate them,  I found that they don’t usually last more than 3-4 days so it’s best to prepare them when you know you’ll have company.

Ingredients: For sweet bread: 250 ml cold milk, 1 tsp salt, 125 gr butter (room temperature), 2 eggs plus 2 extra egg yolks (keep the egg whites for filling), 650 gr flour, 150 gr sugar, lemon rind, 3 tsp yeast. For filling: 100 ml b, 6 Tbsp cacao, 8 Tbsp sugar, 3 egg whites, vanilla.


  1. Put ingredients for sweet bread in the bread machine in the order indicated above (milk, salt, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, lemon rind, yeast).
  2. Set bread machine on dough option.  Note: some people advise you run the dough program twice to obtain a fluffier dough. I used it only once, and it was good enough for me.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the filling by mixing all the ingredients listed above (milk, cacao, sugar, egg whites, vanilla). You can use other ingredients for the filling (walnuts, poppy seeds and cacao, raisins, turkish delight).
  4. Lightly flour a counter-top or a cookie tray and start working the dough. First divide it in two. Set one part aside.
  5. Using your hands, press the dough into a rectangular form. Spoon the filling in, then roll it and place in a baking form. Repeat for the second dough ball.
  6. Bake in the oven (350F) for 45 minutes or until the bread forms a golden crust.

Sweet Bread (Cozonac)

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