Delicious dinner at Aida’s Mediterranean Bistro

I recently had dinner at Aida‘s, the small Lebanese place on 4th St (2208 4th Street SW). I really enjoyed it and will probably go back there with friends. The place itself is small and cozy, but the food is really what will make you want to go back. Kabobs, shawarmas, falafel, baba ganoush (eggplants dip), humus – you’ll find them all there. The menu offers both meat and vegetarian options.

We were more curious than hungry, so we ordered way more than we were able to eat. Next time, we’ll probably stick to a plate for two, which should be more than enough for dinner. I would warmly recommend the in-house rose water iced tea ($2.75) which is delicious! We also got the mezza for two ($32) – basically a huge plate that had four dips (baba ganoush, humus, tzatziki and a bell pepper spread), pita, falafel, rice stuffed grape leaves, meat pies, some other meat and veggie balls (kibby), and pastry with spinach.  On top of that, we also asked for two chicken kabobs ($5.50 each), a lamb chop ($5.50) and a regular salad (fattoush – $8.00). The lamb chop was absolutely delicious – tender, perfectly seasoned. The salad was equally delicious, and could be a meal on its own with some pita and dip.

The only thing I wasn’t particularly fond of was the desert, which the waitress introduced as a ‘tiramisu with a Lebanese twist’, meaning no alcohol. I didn’t really like the cream and the texture of the cake, so I think I’ll stick to the regular tiramisu for the time being!

The bill came to $70 (GST included, before tip), but we could have easily eaten with around $40 if we had ordered the plate for two.
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