Dinner at Alloy

If you’re looking for a posh place in Calgary, check Alloy. Located in the middle of nowhere (220 42 Avenue Southeast, Calgary), this restaurant is nothing like its surroundings. Once inside, you’re up for a big surprise: a white/ black design, with pinkish hidden lights and a modern feel to it. There’s also a small patio that is completely sealed off from the environment, so you won’t see or hear the traffic.

We really enjoyed the food there, especially the seared duck. This restaurant is pricey – for a party of two, budget around $120 – $150 with a bottle of wine. But, if you can afford it, it’s one of those places that will make you want to go back soon. The complimentary naan bread with humus and olives sets the pace for a really nice culinary experience (the olives came in different sizes and marinades).

My favorite appetizer was the spicy tuna ($14), followed by the prosciutto pockets ($15).  Both were savory, with a soft texture to them; the prosciutto was wrapped around a slice of pear and some brie, with just a hint of fig spread – in a word, delicious.  We also sampled the sechuan beef ($15) and the seared scallops ($18) which were not bad (but not my favorites either). Although the portions are not big (it’s a fancy restaurant, so expect fancy design and taste yet small portions), after sampling the appetizers, we decided on sharing the main course: the seared duck ($32). I do not usually eat duck, but this one was so simply perfect: lean, a bit salty, tender and succulent. Hard to believe it was duck… We could not resist the deserts: tiramisu ($9), creme brulee ($9), and brownie with icecream ($9). The creme brulee came in two flavors (perfect for sharing), and the tiramisu was a good choice too (not the best I’ve ever had, but good enough to order it again).

For a party of four, sharing four appetizers, two main courses and three deserts, plus a bottle of wine ($48), the bill came to $214 (gst included, before tip).

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One thought on “Dinner at Alloy

  1. Christine says:

    Hi there,

    Prosciutto pockets? Mmm, that’s the stuff dreams are MADE of. Thanks for all the reviews, and also sharing them on Urbanspoon!

    As Urbanspoon’s new community manager, I’d like to invite you to claim your blog on the site. It’ll pave many ways to greatness 🙂


    Feel free to email me christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com if you have any questions. Cheers and happy spooning!

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