Los Chilitos: Dinner on a patio

My party and I were looking for a new patio on 17th Avenue and decided to give the new Mexican restaurant, Los Chilitos, a try. The patio was disappointing – a few tables on a wooden-deck with two or three umbrellas and some music. We peeked inside the restaurant and, in terms of interior design, it’s not very interesting or appealing in any way. I guess the main attraction at Los Chilitos would be the decent prices. If you are big on hot, spicy food and if you like your beans and burritos, it could be a place you’d enjoy more than us.

We ordered the guacamole ($7) and a chicken salad ($13). I have to say that the guacamole was just perfect; not spicy at all, with a bit of onion and some tomatoes. The chicken salad on the other hand was only OK, mainly because the chicken was extremely hot for our taste. You can also choose from a wide range of Mexican beverages (from soft drinks to tequila).  Being a rather picky person, I wanted sparkling water – which they didn’t have. I was also disappointed because they didn’t have any of the deserts featured on the menu (rice pudding, one of my favorite, and flan – or creme brulee, yet another favorite of mine). The bill came to $24 (with a pop $2.50 and an extra side of sour cream, $2) before gst and tip.

Los Chilitos Taco and Tequila House on Urbanspoon


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