Dinner at Fleur de Sel

If you are looking for an intimate place where you can sample some French cuisine, then Fleur de Sel (2015 4th st sw) might just be a good place to try. It is quite pricey – dinner prices range from $12 – $40 per dish and wine bottles from $40 – $150 – but the dishes I have tried were well worth the price. The restaurant is very small – only a few tables, so if you like your space, this is not your place. In Europe, this place would be your average neighborhood bistro. There’s not much design or luxury; there are definitely restaurants with a more appealing design in this price range (see for instance Vero Bistro in Kensington). But the food is good, the staff is friendly and the guests don’t seem to mind a bit of eavesdropping.

We started with some mussels with a creme fraiche and white wine sauce that were simply delicious ($17).  I got the ahi tuna steak with vegetables ($37) and my party tried the halibut steak with roasted potatoes and veggies ($29). The tuna steak was delicious; it came with a wasabi sauce that was a delight for my tastebuds. Out waitress recommended the fresh halibut but my party was not very impressed. We usually find oceanic fish a bit bland, so if you are a halibut connaisseur, you may like it. We finished off with a capuccino ($5) and a creme brulee ($10). I was happy to see the creme brulee was rather small, because by that time I was really full. I almost felt sorry I did not order the mini-creme brulee (half price, half size), but then again, there’s never any such thing as too much creme brulee…

All in all, our bill came to $129 (including a glass of wine – $10, gst and tip).

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