Lunch at the Calgary Tower (360Sky Restaurant)

I have read mixed reviews about the Calgary Tower restaurant. Since the weather was nice, I decided to go there during the weekend and try it out for myself. If you go, you need to make a reservation, otherwise they’ll charge you for the elevator (which is around CAD14/ person). If you go for brunch during the weekend, the restaurant makes a complete rotation in 45 minutes. If you go for dinner, it’s a bit slower – one hour. My partner did not enjoy the rotation at all, since only the floor moves. The walls and the windows stay still, so you see the constant movement not only when you look outside but when you look inside too!

The menu is quite pricey yet not very different from your usual brunch places. Given that this is a touristic destination, I expected a more interesting menu. My partner and I opted for the steak and eggs dish (CAD 25/ person). The steak was absolutely delicious: salty enough, with a taste of real (wood) BBQ, no sauces added. We decided against pairing it with a glass of wine because my partner wasn’t very fond of the alcohol-while-spinning mix, but a glass of wine was between CAD 8 – 10 and the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu was around CAD 150.

The bill came at CAD 60 for two main dishes and two orange juices (gst and tip included), which I would say is quite pricey for a brunch. Granted, the egg dishes and the burgers were a bit cheaper.

The most disappointing thing however (beside the view – I don’t know why I expected a view in Calgary anyway) was the restaurant. I know it has changed owners some two years ago, but the place looked like your usual diner with upgraded seats. The interior design was dull and the ceiling was cracked and painted with a cheap-looking paint. All in all, I wanted to go this restaurant for the experience; in such cases, I expect the place to be luxurious. This one was not.

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