Dinner with Roots and Fish

Root Vegetables by @joefoodie

I had a very tasty dinner last night, so I thought I’d share: a salad made of various veggie, tofu and pickled herring. The three went so well together that I became a fan. I got the organic tofu (firm) and the pickled herring from Superstore. For the salad, you will need: 1 medium beetroot, 2 carrots, 2 small apples, 1 celery root, salt, pepper, raisins and 1 Tbsp sour cream.


  1. Peel all root veggies and the apples.  For the celery root, you will have to cut the skin, wash and rub with lemon (otherwise the celery root will turn brownish).
  2. Grate all root veggies and the apples in a big bowl.
  3. Add raisins, salt and pepper.
  4. Add sour cream and mix well.
  5. Put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Serve with tofu and pickled herring.
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One thought on “Dinner with Roots and Fish

  1. I would love for you to take a peak at my blog since all my igredients are purchased from Calgary markets!

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