For the best smoked salmon crepes – go downtown!

I have known this little gem for years now and I have introduced all my friends to the delightful smoked salmon crepes. Located in the downtown mall (the Steven Avenue Mall, 202A – 304 – 8th Avenue SW), Fresh Crepes is to be found in the smaller food court on the first floor, along the corridor that links the Bay to the rest of the shopping mall. It recently changed owner, but I am a consistent customer and always order the same thing: smoked salmon crepes, no onion. So far, it has been the best smoked salmon wrap I’ve had in Calgary. I like that the crepes are made on the spot and that all the ingredients are fresh. And that you can be picky and ask for “less sauce, more salmon, no onion”. My favorite crepe is around $10 (probably the most expensive on the menu). I’ve also tried and quite liked the black forest crepe; yummy but I’m not a big fan of whipped cream that comes from a can… All in all, I have my favorite crepe there every time I’m downtown.

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One thought on “For the best smoked salmon crepes – go downtown!

  1. Hello, I am the owner of Crepes & Cravings, previously known as Fresh Crepes. Sadly I closed my TD location back in November but am still going strong on 17th Avenue SW. I’m offering all of the crepes that were available at TD square with a few new ones as well. Plus, on 17th Ave I also handcraft 30 plus flavors of gelato and ice cream.

    I really appreciate the kind words you said in your original post and would love to welcome you at my 1013 17th Avenue SW location.


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