Gratitude Cafe – Another vegetarian option in Calgary

Gratitude Cafe is a little and quite cozy place in Kensington (#101, 227 – 10th Street NW). I didn’t try the food, but I did check the menu. Prices range from $7 to $15 for a food item. I am not a big fan of vegetarian dishes, but I could definitely be content with the warm pita, hummus and tzatziki ($8) or the greek veggie wrap with feta and olives ($9). The cafe features organic tea ($2.50) and coffee ($2.50), as well as wine and fruits/ veggies drinks.

The best thing about it though is that it’s new and therefore clean. I really hope they do keep it clean, because the interior design plays a lot on white, and if it gets dirty it won’t look so neat anymore. It’s really nice to be able to have a cup of coffee and a quick bite in an area that feels urban, where you can actually see people walking on the streets at almost any time (the cafe closes at 10pm)… The second best thing about it is that you can play a quick game there: patrons can choose between a wide array of easy and funny social games, from dice to cards and snakes and ladders.

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