Disappointing bruch – Nellie’s on 4th

Had brunch in Nellie’s on 4th St the other day and I should say right from the start that I won’t be going there again. I am not a big fan of Nellie’s in the first place – the menu is a bit too heavy for my taste, but that’s more of a taste-buds  thing (I could never understand the idea of potatoes for breakfast…). But that’s not the reason I disliked the place: it’s crowded in the sense that there’s no room to move around the tables and you’re practically spitting on the person at the next table… And it’s filthy. I mean, really filthy. Everything is dusty; our cutlery, mugs and dishes were dirty and stained. So, no second trip for us there…

For a party of two, we paid $31 (tip included) for two omellettes, tea and coffee. I got the Californian omellette, with avocado and cheese; it turned out that the ingredients were not mixed, so half of my omellette had avocado inside, and half had cheese. My party got an omellette with spicy sausages. As usual, the meals come with hasbrowns and greasy toast (they put some margarine on the toast before they bring it to you).

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3 thoughts on “Disappointing bruch – Nellie’s on 4th

  1. Alanna says:

    I’m interested to see what type of breakfast would please you, if you generally hate potatoes with your breakfast. I’ve always found Nellies to be quite delicious, and with a line up out the door all the time they can’t be doing too much wrong.

  2. eatincalgary says:

    De gustibus non est disputandum 😉 For me, I like a good, non-greasy omelette for breakfast. But I cannot take too much fat so early in the morning, so if everything is soaked with grease, it’s not something I can enjoy.

    However, the main reason for disliking Nellie’s on 4th had more to do with the cleanliness of the place. The cutlery and the dishes were all stained, the waitress was barely able to move between the tables, the floor was filthy, the decorations were dusty, the tables were sticky – I hope this gives you the picture.

  3. eatincalgary says:

    as it turns out, the Nellie’s restaurants have been recently fined for public health violations. Read more in here: http://www.calgaryherald.com/health/Calgary+Nellie+restaurants+fined+public+health+violations/2447063/story.html

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