Lunch in Banff – The Old Spaghetti Factory

I should probably confess right from the start that I won’t be going there again. Although the service was good, the food was way below expectations. We also didn’t get spaghetti – so take this with a grain of salt if you are in love with the carb-rich pasta. The place itself is your usual chain restaurant – nothing special. The menu features a wide variety of pasta, with a few salads and a few other options (like veal, chicken and steak). We both had the veal parmigiano with fries and spaghetti respectively. All entrees come with a choice of salad or soup, and icecream – so if you’re looking for a whole meal, this is a good spot to get it. The veal was extremely disappointing – my hunch is that it was cooked beforehand, then re-heated with some tomato sauce and a huge slice of cheese (cheese is great for taste – you cannot taste anything else but the cheese!). My party got the spaghetti as a side-dish and again, not impressive: they simply boiled the spaghetti in water, than dumped a huge tablespoon of tomato sauce on them. The dish was $14.25 and, with a glass of house wine and a fountain pop, the cost of our lunch went up to $38.68.
The Old Spaghetti Factory - Banff on Urbanspoon


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