For lunch, try Primal Grounds

Primal Grounds is a ‘cappuccino bar and eatery’ in SW Calgary (3003-37St S.W., your best bet is to drive there but if going for lunch, try to go a little bit before noon as it tends to get busy). The place itself is nice, but the tables are pretty small and when the place gets packed, you can hardly hear each other. Nice patio, but right by the road… Fresh lunches and homemade soups and desserts’. For a lunch, expect to pay around $15. I had their “famous turkey sandwich” which was indeed delicious (10.50) and a pop, which came to $13. You can also get a soup and sandwhich combo or pasta for lunch. Definitely try the zucchini cocolate cake ($5.75) – yummy…

Primal Grounds Cappuccino Bar & Eatery on Urbanspoon


One thought on “For lunch, try Primal Grounds

  1. […] Primal Grounds – in SW (3003-37st SW), boasts freshly made breakfast and lunches, as well as a selection of coffee.   Leave a Comment […]

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