Amandine Bakery

I love pastry. Pastry filled with mushrooms, pastry with sweet cheese, pastry with salty cheese, pastry with meat, pastry with vanilla filling, yummy pastry… Amandine Bakery and Pastry is located on Centre Street (2610 Centre St, N), easily accesible by bus from downtown. Like other places in Calgary, it closes at 6:30pm and at 4:00 pm on Sunday (I will never understand the logic of closing places just when people are finally getting home from work…). And, like most other places in Calgary, it sells the usual stuff: croissants, danishes, cookies, apple pies and some desserts. I was disappointed with this predictability: where are those thousand and one different pastries I was hoping for? There’s more to pastry than  croissants and danishes… But in the end, I got a danish and a croissant and paid $3 for them. The croissant was not at all impressive, but the danish was very yummy.

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One thought on “Amandine Bakery

  1. melissa says:

    I dont like the amandine at all.. yucky stuff for too much $

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