Little Lebanon: Pita Pies and Donair

If you are around 17th ave SW (3515 17th ave SW) and you’re hungry, you may want to try Little Lebanon. It’s a small, mostly take-out donair place, with just three or four chairs. Besides donairs, you can get really good pockets – basically a pocket pie filled with goodies like cheese, mushrooms, or chicken. I have tried the spinach and feta pocket ($4.5), and the chicken shawarma (small $6). They also offer a selection of appetizers like hummus, baba ganoush and tabouleh. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $3 for the appetizers to $8.50 (a big shawarma).  Oh, did I mention they also make delicious baklava ($1.25/ piece)? Open weekdays (9am-9pm) and weekends (9am-8pm on Saturday, 9am-6pm on Sunday).

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One thought on “Little Lebanon: Pita Pies and Donair

  1. juanless says:

    I agree little lebanon is the best shawarma and donair place in town. I LOVE IT! And the staff are really great and freindly.
    Im from mexico and i like tacos but once i got introduced to shawarmas i fell in love! see, taco.. what? Haha! well anyways really great place, like it a lot!

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