Eating out under $50: The Coup

For the hidden vegetarian in you, try the Coup on 17th ave (924 17Ave SW). The menu is quite interesting (at least for non-vegans), with some items that would make you curious enough to want to try them. Prices are decent, and the place itself is cosy and friendly. The Coup positions itself as a restaurant for healthy and environmentally sustainable options, buying local and organic. There’s a minuscule patio, with three or four tables. However, the patio is right on the sidewalk – all the people and cars passing by get to look right into your plate; not nice. Inside, the Coup is rather small, so there’s usually a lineup. You can grab a drink at the lounge while you wait.

We (a party of two) got the mango juice (CAD3) and the apple-peach-ginger juice (CAD 3.50) for drinks. Both were really good, but the apple-peach (no ginger for us) was much better. We also got the quesadilla (CAD 13) and the taco (CAD 13), both came with a choice of soup, salad or yam fries. I have to say the yam fries were absolutely delicious, with a hint of rosemary and pepper. My party got the soup of the day, a broccoli cream which was smooth and tasted really good (to someone who otherwise doesn’t like broccoli). Personally, I liked the quesadilla better and found both quesadilla and the taco a bit too hot for my taste (but ate them anyway). They were quite interesting for a meat-lover like me, filled with pickles, shredded carrots, red cabbage, olives and hummus. We paid 36 CAD (with tip).

The Coup on Urbanspoon


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