Bison Restaurant and Lounge Banff

Banff May 2009I recently ate at the Bison Restaurant and Lounge in Banff and found it quite disappointing. We first checked the menu listed outside the place: easy choice, I always go for the smoked salmon (by the way, if you ever want to try really good smoked salmon and pay only $7 for it, then go to IKEA). And, since the weather was lovely, I wanted to enjoy the sun on the patio.

Bison Restaurant and Lounge has however two separate levels: downstairs looks very much like a shop with a few tables, nothing tempting. Upstairs, they had another menu – the cheaper smoked salmon dish that I wanted was not available upstairs… But there was a brunch menu available til about 2pm, so we stayed. Prices were pretty high: from $12 to $17 for the brunches, to $17 for the signature bison burger. For two mountain breakfasts ($11 each), a tea and a coffee, we ended up paying around $30 (with the tip).

But my main disappointed was the patio… Now, the patio might be sun-drenched, but just because you put some tables and uncomfy benches on a wooden floor that doesn’t make it a patio… Yes, the view is nice, but why is it so hard to design a decent patio? Throw a few cushions on those benches, get some huge flower pots and scater them around, put a flower or two on each table, hang out some garden decorations… just don’t leave us sitting in a wooden box with a view and call it a patio…


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