Eating out: Dinner at Parker House

Parker House Grill and Wine is located downtown, in the Lougheed building (131 6 Ave SW, Calgary). It has opened quite recently (2008) and boasts a seafood specific. In terms of design, the restaurant is really nice and there was a jazz live band playing in the evening. Elegant yet simple, the place would be popular in any major metropolis.

However, I wasn’t impressed by the food at all. First of all, the idea of a seafood restaurant in a land-locked province wasn’t that appealing. Although we were told most of the fish and seafood comes frozen from BC, this failed to convince us. The restaurant also offers three types of Alberta beef steaks – ranging from the ‘common’ meat to the ‘organic’ one (and of course, the most expensive, up to around $40).

I went for a lamb dish with saffron rice and asparagus (braised lamb shack, $25). Although not bad, the lamb was not impressive either – too dry, without any special spice or flavour to entice your palate. My companion opted for a ham dish, which was not very impressive either (sugar baked ham, $20). Generally speaking, the prices for main dishes (dinner)  range between $20 to $40.  With a glass of wine, dinner for two may go up to $70 or more (depending on the wine). Although I loved the looks of the place, I wouldn’t recommend it for the food.

Parker House Grill and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


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