Lunch for two under $50: Saigon Pearl

A few days ago, I went out for lunch with a friend to Saigon Pearl. The little Vietnamese restaurant is located in Harvest Hills (9650 Harvest Hills Boulevard NE, Calgary, AB T3K0B), next to the T&T store. You’ll need to drive over there, as it’s quite inaccessible otherwise. But the place is nice and cozy, we liked the food and our waitress was nice and helpful.

The menu is varied, and you can choose appetizers like spring rolls and soups, or main courses, primarily with chicken, pork and seafood. My friend went for a noodle salad with chicken and vegetables. I chose a marinated pork and quail rice dish. I loved the pork as it was tender and very very tasty – but I had reservations about the quail. Each dish was around $9-10. We also treated ourselves with a dessert – fried bananas with ice cream and chocolate syrup… delicious!

The bill came at $26 (without gst and tip).

Saigon Pearl Restaurant Ltd on Urbanspoon


One thought on “Lunch for two under $50: Saigon Pearl

  1. CC says:

    Next time order #57! The chicken curry – it is unique and delicious. Best thing on the menu.

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